“Our dreams prove that to imagine – to dream about things that have not happened – is among mankind’s deepest needs.”

― Milan Kundera

I first met Jakub in his kitchen in Prague. Both of us were in our Pyjamas. Such is the joy of airbnb. Over ginger tea he told me his story and I was intrigued. He was at the centre of so many projects and innovations – a centrifugal force of creativity. That morning, he took us to the local farmers markets. I met his friends and my theory was confirmed: Jakub is part of a burgeoning arts scene that makes Prague one of my favourite cities in the world. Hereafter, Jakub himself, on Prague, his projects and creativity.

You seem immersed in the creative scene in Prague. What brings together this community? How do you draw from the people around you?

I don’t think I’m immersed in what can be considered as the core of the creative scene in Prague, but I have several really talented people around me. Mainly because I studied at Art school, so we got together at that time.

How did you get to this point in your career?
I was hungry for experiences… I was working as an illustrator for commercials, with good money and comfort from my home. But from that point of view I couldn’t get more experiences, so I quit that kind of job. If it will be about money I could end up with easy job and good money but without any new experiences. So I decided to create my own company and focus on managing my own projects with a skillful team. So we spent a lot of nights developing our project Trend Book and Sound You Need. At that time I was also part of the founding team of game studio in the center of Prague.
That gives me a lot of experience within the game industry and we developed some strong titles supported by Google and Apple. I was also asked by my friend to try video DJing. So I was VJing on several parties with some of my visual compilations.

What has been your most rewarding creation to date?

This is a tricky question, I consider every experience valuable. But what makes me really proud is the team I’m working with. So if I’m a part of the best team, I feel really rewarded. All good things comes after, you can be always sure of that.

What’s next for you? Do you have any projects or dreams in the pipeline?

I must admit I’m just letting it flow right now. We got new offices for Trendbook at Venceslav square in the center of Prague, where our team is developing a music search engine called Sound You Need and a fashion community website called Trend book. We’ve also got other beautiful offices, on the top of the Kavčí mountains, where we are developing games for mobile platforms and asw well as finishing the second part of the game MIMPI. So now i’m mostly focusing on these projects.

What is the hardest part of creative work?

To start.
There are infinite ways to communicate your idea through your work and every time it’s hard to decide… But I don’t care so much about the style of communication anymore, I’m focusing more on content. I find that more important. You have to be more responsible for what you are communicating.

Best place for creative inspiration…

I think every part of Prague can be, and is, inspiring. Lesser Side is considered the heart of Prague and it’s one of my favorite parts. The Old Jewish part is thought of as the mysterious birthplace of Golem and alchemists so you can find it in many books. But there are more places with their own atmosphere.

Best place to work over a coffee…

Its triangle of Mamacoffee, EMA and Neustadt. All of them are Czech owners and the atmosphere and the coffee is excellent. But our favorite place is called Duende. It is a little bar on a side street next to the riverside, in the old parts of Prague.

Best place for nourishing food and good vibes…

I’m a fan of simple vegetarian food and Indian cuisine. The Indian restaurant Beas is my favorite place to eat.