“I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list”
– Susan Sontag

Chloe Borich hasn’t been everywhere but it is on her list. Also on this list: fashion, art and making a mark on her creative field.

I first came across Chloe on Instagram. Her photos had a dreamlike quality that I later discovered was reflected in the way that she writes. Her blog wraps all this up in a stargazed frenzy. She captures the feeling of being young, of being on the precipice. You get the sense that she has plenty on her list. She may not have been everywhere but you know that this girl is going somewhere.

Can you paint for me your big vision – what do you seek to create in
this lifetime?

Memories, alone and with others. I want to travel everywhere. I want to work and collaborate with likeminded people and somehow make a mark in my creative field somewhere. I want to live wherever I feel I need to be in a moment and wake up to work in a job that feeds my creative desires and love for fashion and art. It’s hard to think of what I want my lifetime to mean right now.

Your blog is full of dreamy photos and even dreamier outfits. How does your affinity with fashion influence your writing?

I like the idea of combining my love for imagery with writing, it evokes a dreaminess and haziness in my work that I assimilate within the everyday. Fashion has always been obvious to me as a passion to pursue. It influences my writing to become quite descriptive I guess.

I think clothes are a really important way to express yourself and that in turn influences me to express exactly how I feel in a moment through writing, like I would do if someone asked me how I felt in an outfit.

I would love to know your take on the creative process. Do you have any rituals to tap into the creative muse?

My work normally stems from an idea that has been influenced by a song I’ve had on repeat,  a series of images I’ve seen, or a real life story I’ve read or heard. I sometimes create mood boards and then list my ideas on paper. Normally I play the music that’s influenced me to start in the first place, or play my Patti Smith vinyl. Patti hastaught me so much through her writing and music, I don’t think I would be the same person creatively (and in general) if I hadn’t discovered her during high school. Her work hums a perpetual tune that I can somehow apply to my life in any moment. I’m a little bit in love with her.

Has social media shaped the way that you create?

I don’t think social media has necessarily shaped the way I create. It has definitely had positive influences and has acted as an outlet for me. Through social media I’m exposed to inspiring images and ideas on the daily, every minute. It’s a place that’s saturated and bombarded constantly by people’s work, whether it be legitimate or not, but it’s a stimulating platform to build on. If social media didn’t exist I wouldn’t be able to share, exchange or engage with people all over the world. I’ve had some genuine connections with people over Instagram. I’ve even met up with some people I’ve met on there and now we’re friends on solid ground.

What has been your most rewarding creation to date?

I find most of my creative stuff rewarding in general, to have it evolve from an idea into a thing is so satisfying in itself. I would have to say my latest written work in Tidal Magazine has been most rewarding because it’s in print which is super exciting. I’m now a published writer! I just want to write for Tidal and for as many publications as I can. Maybe this is a new addiction, to be in print? Is that really self indulgent? I don’t care if it is, it feels good.