“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

– Jack Kerouac

Human’s have a strange instinct to live in the past tense – to preserve memories even as we are living them. No where is this more evident than on the road. Every monument you see is backlit by flickering attempts to souvenir the moment with flash photography. Then there are the actual souvenirs – like alchemists we try to make our memories into something solid that we can hold on to.

Amongst all this, postcards have become something of a lost art. Postcards are not so much about memories preserved as memories shared. This series is about resurrecting the humble postcard. Its about a flash of inspiration and insight. A quick note to say hello, to tickle your wanderlust.

There is a fine line between memories and dreams. So it is fitting that the first postcards in our series are sent from California, with love. Tarsh Brown’s photography has us California dreaming. Hereafter, in her own words: Lake Tahoe + Redwoods + Kerouac.

California, and the West Coast of America in general, is even better than the picture Kerouac paints. Get off the gringo trail, on the road, and take nothing more than a backpack if you want to really experience the US. There is nothing quite like getting to know local people.

Big Sur and the Redwood Forests were by far my favourite places. They are both so magical and both along Highway 1.If your strapped for time my best advice would be to travel the coast long the highway from LA to San Francisco (and beyond, if you want to see the Lost Coast, Napa Valley and the Redwoods)

The vibe in lake Tahoe definitely changed from winter to summer. In the winter it is a classic snow town, with everything that implies: young people hanging out in the snow and with each other, there is a lot more energy. In the summer the place practically transforms into a lazy beach town. So I guess it depends on what your after.

On Budget:

Stay out of the big cities as much as possible (the national parks and smaller towns are the best part anyway), buy food at Safeway (don’t eat out), and if the weather is nice take your own accommodation (whether it be a tent or sleeping in a van). You can live off so little in California if you just be careful with your money.